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Marj Hatzell climbed Mount Everest, explored the Amazon and swam the English Channel. No, she didn’t really, but she’s the mother of two children with a variety of disabilities and diagnoses so SAME THING. It sounds good, though, doesn’t it?

You can also find her at her wildly unsuccessful,not-so-new, and oft-ignored blog, The Crazy Dog Lady.

If you get a headache while reading this because it’s jumping around too much, just put your hand on the wall, it stops the spins.

Random things about Marj:

Marj is not a writer but plays one on tv.

She goes to 11. Also? 42.

She’s got more energy than a chinchilla crossed with the Energizer Bunny.

Marj loves potatoes. And cheese. And potatoes with cheese. Come to think of it, She loves cheese with potatoes.

Marj prefers dogs over people. This means she has stellar social skills.

Things Marj likes: dogs, snow,reading, potatoes (did she say that again?Her bad), jeeps, cooking, sleeping, trees, plants, flowers, learning foreign languages, crossword puzzles, cryptograms, sudoku and logic puzzles, old movies, foreign films, teen dramadies, HGTV, and referring to herself in the third person.

Here’s stuff Marj doesn’t particularly love: lima beans, raw onions, cats (except dead ones), summer weather, mean people (they suck), getting any part of her body wet, the smell of cooked meat, birds chirping at 5am, and discussing politics and religion in polite company.

Why the “Domestic Goddess?”: When Marj began her career as a Stay-at-home-mom, she really resented papework that listed her occupation as “homemaker.” She did not make her home. Some guy named Carmen did. So, if there was a blank, She started checking off “self-employed” and writing “Domestic Engineer” or “Domestic Goddess” in its place.

Although she’s considering writing”The Very Embodiment of Pure Awesome” for her career for now on.

41 thoughts on “Stuff About DG

  1. Andie says:

    I was browsing your site after visiting Maddy’s over at Whitterer and just wanted to say you crack me up. Your kid eats lotion, mine prefers sucking on batteries and licking cars. 🙂

    Great site! Hope you don’ t mind me popping in and making myself at home.

  2. Sarah is Ok says:

    How have I not been by here before? This cracked me up. This is exactly the kind of stuff I want to know about people when I come by their blog–thanks for making it so easy! I’m going to go read some other ‘stuff’.

  3. Kim Malek says:

    Hi! I saw you note and wanted to personally reach out to you to invite you to Trusera. We’d LOVE to have you as a member. Can you send me your email and I’ll take care of the rest?

  4. Chuck says:

    Bless thee and your readers 🙂

  5. Jimbo says:

    DG – You and I have the same love for cats. Check your email for my favorite cat picture.

  6. Avery says:

    so you want to stalk me huh? lol

    nice site, btw 😉

  7. Asthmagirl says:

    I have one child high on the spectrum. It’s an education, no?

  8. mommypie says:

    I’m so glad I found you – brand new to your blog today, but I’ll be back lots!

  9. incognitomom says:

    Oh God, this is what I wish my blog could be. This is real life. BTW, I’m a Philly burg mom too.

  10. aimee says:

    love your site my SIL’s SIL told me about! i thought i read somewhere it’s “Domestik Goddess” w/ a “k?” why did i think/read that? brain-fried at 40? i have a daughter, almost 4, w/ ASD, another “typical” girl goin’ into K, and ADHD going into 2nd son, who my ASDer loves. thanks for the wit, rawness and realness. will keep reading! you might like this blogger too along your lines of wit and real:

  11. drcorner says:

    Being a NY’er (yes, we know we’re hated everywhere 😆 ), I can attest to the go-go-go life (no kids yet thought).

    I loved logic growing up too.Don’t worry every part of the watermelon is good to eat (…well, except the rind). And, cookie dough is perfectly normal to eat (…well, except those of the raw variety).

    Look foward to reading the rest.

  12. Karen says:

    I just read your about you page. LOL. I can so relate and I must say that being down right honest about life is scary and you make me look bad because I have to wear make up in public now. I am single 40-ish something, with a six year old on the spectrum, who wipes poop on himself and sticks his hands in the toilet. That’s for my blog.


  13. jen says:

    You are just way funnier than me: also possibly way more Domestik and/or domestic. I kneel and smile and appreciate. 🙂

  14. I Googled “Can my Chinchilla eat raw potatoes? And found this blog! I’ll forever be a fan of yours now! Love that mind of yours as well as your writing style!

  15. Katie says:

    Hey love the site. But I must tell you the IRS dosent audit it. So put it down proudly I do. Also best response to my employment was at the eye doctor I cracked up all the ladies in the front. Cause GOD,Country are my employers. I love being a domestic goddess for the united states Army!

  16. Lori says:

    LOL! I’ve never had one of those days either!

    The Princess Bride is a classic and one of my favorites too.

  17. SheWhoHas10Siblings or #8 says:

    We met at WRH’s Thursday Wednesday Spaghetti. I just discovered you are the DG when I clicked on the comment you left on WRH’s last entry. Anyway, it was so nice to meet you and I love your blog…very funny, very real.

  18. Do'C says:

    Hi TDG,

    Just had a first opportunity to check out your blog, briefly (from a link over at scienceblogs). I like it. Fresh, candid, funny, real, etc. etc. yada yada. Please shoot me an e-mail when you get a chance, so I can send you something (no, it’s not a prize, or anything like that, sorry).

    Dad Of Cameron

  19. Hi Domestic Goddess,

    Would you kindly get in contact if interested in swapping web links?

    Many thanks


  20. JD says:

    Oh my you have nice feet.

  21. Clicked on your name from Blogher, because, well, “DomesticGoddess” speaks to me. Plus, I made a “Julie, your cruise director” joke on my about page. (Sadly, some people are now calling me Julie. Sometimes my humor doesn’t translate in print.)

    But found your blog and quite like.

    Stop by mine if you get a chance. I hope you’ll laugh. Seems like you need one (or twelve.)

  22. Deb says:

    Hi! I clicked over from your comment on Bossy’s 10-word-Tuesday post. I just had to tell you that I DO put “Domestic Goddess” on tax forms! Well, actually, I don’t anymore, but before we had an accountant who presented us with filled-in papers that only required signatures I did.

    It’s misleading, though, because I’m really more of a Domestic Slacker, but that doesn’t sound quite as worker-bee, does it?

  23. Amy says:

    Haha “If you get a headache while reading this because I’m jumping around too much, just put your hand on the wall, it stops the spins:”

    Funny – that worked! I am looking for a way to get in touch… it would be great if you can email me when you have a moment.

  24. Mañana Mama says:

    I’ve been going with ‘Soup Developer’ but I gotta admit that ‘Domestic Engineer’ has a better ring to it–hope you don’t mind if I use that on future bank forms.

  25. jnettlee says:

    Love, love, love stopping in for a chuckle and seeing what you’re into NOW…..
    thanx for the smiles.. at your expense, of course ! 🙂

  26. Dennis says:

    I think I love you. Really. In a non creepy, I am married, I will never meet you/stalk you but we have WAY too much in common kind of way. For that I am hooked on your page.

  27. Hey. You’re up! Nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award! Thanks for making me laugh!!!!

  28. aidanmama says:

    Hi there! I have two kiddos on the spectrum too…a boy, almost 9 and a girl who almost turned 4. my son also has seizures (few, thank goodness, but we don’t know why either) and my daughter is also diagnosed with PVL…similar to mild cerebral palsy. loved your post about the Time article, but what really hooked me in is your taste in movies…(i mean, you can tell a lot about a person from their taste in movies, right?) I can’t proclaim to recite Moonstruck from beginning to end, but I’ll say I am at about 50 percent. and Princess Bride…never get tired of it! have seen every Kevin Smith film (I think) and most of Quentin Tarantino…mostly his older films, tho. I work outside the home full time (which is often the only time I get to be by myself!) so my time to watch movies is nil. lucky if I can stay awake. Glad to find you!

  29. Kylie White says:

    Dear Marj,
    Hey, Am I glad to come across with such awesome blog? you betcha. I absolutely know and feel, how tough it is to raise a down syndrome child. But you have shown a very different prospective. You made it fun. As per quote, “Smile, the world will wonder what you’re up to” You are living that way. Simply Amazing and Inspiring.

    My sister Sarah has two beautiful autistic kids. I have seen her struggling with many issues while raising those kids. There is so much injustice happening to these simple minded special need kids. The only option to avoid that is by educating more and more about Autism and its issues.

    We have been wanting to spread as much awareness about autism so recently we decided to create a blog where we discuss all about autism and different experiences.

    Our blog is, “”
    Please add us in your “Special needs Linkies” section. We’d definately feel special if you acknowledge us. We also have created a Facebook page about autism awareness. We soon will start fund raising events too.

    Please like our facebook page. I will let you know if there is any updates with that. Please support.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.
    Kylie W

  30. I got this award and stuff. I thought, hey, the Domestic Goddess needs another feather in her cap because she writes a great blog. So I nominated you. If you’re not into that kind of thing, that’s cool. If you are, follow the linky!

  31. Matt says:

    She has cute toes also!

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