A Little Too Much Sugar


October 7, 2016 by Marj Hatzell

The Bugaboo was home last week sick so we spent a whole bunch of one-on-one time together. He has a four day weekend and is home today for inservice so we’re spending a whole bunch of one-on-one time together. This translates to him begging me to sit on the couch with him and watch Mary Poppins, while he runs back and forth between Temple Run on his iPad, the tree swing outside, and sitting next to me watching (you guessed it) Mary Poppins.

Now, I live Mary Poppins. Fabulous film, really. One of Disney’s best, in my humble opinion. There’s something for everyone!  Adventure, comedy, fantasy, intrigue, relationships, classic conflicts…you’ll also find yourself humming along with infectious tunes. It really is a good thing. And it’s Bugaboo’s favorite, so it’s a regular thing around here.
Since Bugaboo was home last week, he pretty much had zero energy to do anything but camp out on the couch with me and watch his favorite film. He was up around 6am and didn’t go to bed until around 9 at night. So this translates to 10-11 viewings of Mary Poppins, for those of you not good at math. Back to back to back to back to back…

He’s still been a bit sniffly from the virus and ear infection from last week so he hasn’t really wanted to do much except (SURPRISE!) watch Mary Poppins. Today I attempted to do laundry, switch towels, and clean up dishes, but this resulted in much anxiety on his part. He gets anxious if I leave his sight for fifteen seconds, including the bathroom. I am honestly too sleep deprived to care so I sat with him and snuggled with him quite a bit today. As we watched it for the fifth time today something finally struck me as being odd. Like, I can’t believe this is a children’s film. 

For example, Mrs. Banks thinking she’s liberated and fighting for equality but immediately backs down and sits and is quiet when Mr. Bank tells her to sit and stay. Or Michael and Jane being dismissed regularly by their uninvolved, egotistical father who’d rather crunch numbers and work. Or listening to supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and realizing that while Bert is being charming he’s also talking about how he didn’t like to talk when he was a little boy so his angry father beat him and told him he was bad so he recited a made-up word to comfort himself, since clearly no one else would. And Mr. Banks being belittled and abused by the Family Dawes at the bank. Or looking down at the bird lady because she was poor and no child of his was going to patronize poor people when they could invest their two measly cents in a financial institution that made bad business decisions regarding American tea companies. 


Yes, that’s right, I’m over-anazlyzing Mary Poppins. 
Just a hunch, but I think I may have watched this one too many times today.

3 thoughts on “A Little Too Much Sugar

  1. texylady says:

    Too much Poppins!

  2. HAHA laughing out loud here – never thought of this stuff and won’t ever see it the same way again…
    I think this IS an important time to make sure our children are getting really clear and positive messages from us around equality, eh?
    Thanks and love,
    Full Spectrum Mama

  3. Kathy Christopher says:

    I will never see Mary Poppins again in the same way. I wonder what other messages are “hidden” in Disney classics?
    Hope Bugaboo is restored to perfect health at this point. Best wishes to you, Marj.

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