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February 27, 2008 by Marj Hatzell

You see, when I plan a day for mommy, something conspires against me and tries its darndest to ensure that mommy doesn’t get that day.

Bugaboo’s school nurse called yesterday afternoon. Bugaboo was crying (for over an hour) and was running a low temp (101).  I went to get him and he looked AWFUL.  He came home, napped on the couch, held his head (I could tell he had a headache, even if he couldn’t tell me) and kinda hung out there.  Then he jumped up and ran around for a while, camped back out on the couch and jumped back up for a while…you can see where this is going.  He’s a tough little boy, as he was not about to allow a teensy thing like a headache and fever spoil his plans to throw dirt and crackers all over the house!

I tutored last evening (please tell me why a seventh grader does not know the seasons in order of which they happen) and when I arrived home, Bugaboo had PUT HIMSELF TO BED.  See, that’s how we know he isn’t feeling well. That child wouldn’t go to bed by his lonesome if you paid him in potato chips.  I decided to see how he was doing in the morning to decide if he was staying home and if my grandeous plans for mommy time (including a haircut) were thwarted for now.

He’s up.  He is sooooooo going to school. So far this morning he has gotten into everything in the diaper bag, dumped a bag of cheerios on the floor of the dining room, stimmed in the sink water, stimmed in the toilet water and stripped twice.  I’m thinking he’s OK for school.

Sexy Momma Haircut, here I come!

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